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STC Collaboration Network: Affiliate Business Subscription

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Screen Time Clinic trusted fellow educator or busienss partner.

Please use this payment link to complete your approved affiliate membetrship OR after you have completed the application form to help the Screen Time Clinic® team learn about you and maximize our efforts to support and promote your services please pay for the benefits once you are approved.  

By working together with a larger network, more parents, schools, and businesses will be aware of your services. There is an abundance of opportunity for everyone, by working together as collaborators instead of competitors we create more, not less. YOU are unique and there will always be families who connect with YOU. We can build trust and credibility for the organizations we support together!

Once your membership is approved and paid, you will be listed on the parent professional network page within 2 days and receive the following benefits, for $495 annual fee, a $2,500+ annual value in exposure and SEO.

-- Website Integration with your information and website link on this page as well as on the map
-- Complementary Social Media Post for new members
-- Invitation to feature your services at the largest Bi-Annual Digital Wellness for Parents Summit
--Product Placement (e.g. book or deliverables) on both Screen Time Clinic and Screen Smart Families website ( and
--Podcast integration with Screen Time Clinic resource page  (if you have one)
--Connections with an invaluable network of like-minded, collaborative professionals
--STC "Certified Digital Wellness Educator" status after completion of required course(s) or credential review

PLUS you will be invited to join:

--The collaborate referral network Facebook group where we can connect with each other and discuss "in private" industry concerns, articles, and best practices

--The Screen Smart Families private parents group for parents interested in learning more about digital wellness (Hosted by the book Screen Smart Sam). As an affiliate member of Screen Time Clinic you ARE allowed to self-promote your services, just don't spam all the time in it! Give more advice and information that you request of your services :) Take advantage and nurture this group!

-Collaborative Monthly Zoom Meeting every 1st Wednesday of the month, please register and attend if possible!

Thanks for applying! Remember to send us a headshot and logo of your company or we will use the one on your website.

Screen Time Clinic is fiscally sponsored by Unplug Collaborative and assists in helping schools & youth groups educate families, parents guide children, coaches improve performance, and businesses maximize employee potential.

Our network of unbiased professional educators and companies work hard to give accurate information about the mental and physical health risks of digital media and how to live a healthy balanced life. If you would rather pay via our Non-Profit Partner, please notify us and add 5% administration fee and complete payment here: 
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