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2024 Family Media Guide & Workbook For Digital Wellness

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Puchase now to access Screen Time Clinic's Digital Wellness eBook updated on a quartly basis with best practices and resources!

THE most updated, unbiased, comprehensive workbook & digital media guide in the industry without being overwhelming! It includes ALL the information you need to start conversations about what type of life you want for your child(ren). Plus HOW to support them in the digital age, crafting a path for success that works for YOUR family. Updated on a continual basis Q2 2024 being the most recent, this eBook covers all the bases!

Over 2000 copies sold helping families everywhere take control of screen time & build healthy new routines!
Get off on the right foot or make a major course correction-- this book will help you with all the areas parenting in the digital age encompasses.

It includes links to studies about WHY limiting and monitoring is so important, help identifying special at-risk children, and HOW defining your family values to start making real changes in your home is esssential.

Everything you need to get BOTH PARENTS --or equally important build your own resolve as a single parent-- on the same page to hit the reset button towards a new routine for your child(ren) or prevent a crisis from the start!

PLUS determine if your child is at higher risk for Electronic Screen Syndrom, Virtual Autism, or Digital Media Overuse (DMO) and what detox vs reduction strategies would work best.

  See list of emotional, behavorial, school related, social and phyisical symptoms that are made worse by screen time, especially those with ADHD, OCD, or on the autism spectrum.  Very often 50%-95% of these symptoms are greatly reduced with reduced or limited screen time and many behavior and focus stamina problems completely resolve themselves during a 2 week digital detox. Every child is different and this guide shows you how to determine what is best for your family and get started on your own!
Included is a customizable Responsible Use Pledge and Rewirement Plan for tracking new habits to clearly outline expectations and keep kids safe and accountable.  As an added bonus, our "Read to Reset Your Superpowers" Guide is also included, Perfect Week activity sheet to manage little's time, and You-Got-This guidance! 

Over 20 printable worksheets and guides, everything you need to make changes in your home WITHOUT self-creating these documents or a list of rules kids rebel against because parents made them.  These tried-and-true best practices and approach to mindful time on technology are sure to bring a whole new order to your home and peace of mind for parents. 

Building healthy habits is more than just restricting time online, it's living a life by design. 
You will get a PDF (31MB) file